I am so so sorry!

I need to write an apology letter (or quiz if you may) to offended people who are against my newest quizzes. Hey at least I care! Some other b---hes (somewhat like me, maybe not) don't care.

So, I hope you can read this quiz like a sorry letter. Forgive me, I'm not mature yet, I'll probably be (not)immature when I become like 25. Come on just read the letter, can't really be bothered to write a good description.

Created by: HOAHHH
  1. Okay this ain't a quiz, please take note.
  2. I just wanna say sorry because I think some of us here in gotoquiz like leatherjacket got pissed by my two newest quizzes
  3. I don't have enough ideas flowing through my brain and stuff. (I'm also not the kindest, from what I read from the comments, obviously -.-)
  4. I intended to do a better job after 'Are you naturally funny?' but I guess it backfired. SMH :(
  5. But I need you to understand that a quiz can never be 100% accurate. My latest (real) quiz, 'Will I be attracted to you?' only appeals to me.
  6. ...and so it doesn't mean I'm judgemental I could've used meaner words to describe you and you might not be the sort that appeals to me.
  7. And no I'm not done, and therefore won't shut up.
  8. If I didn't get your point, well sorry but I don't think I'll ever make these sort of quizzes ever. If I come up with a new quiz and you have a problem with it...
  9. ...Then you are having the problem but for now, leatherjacket, firey_soul and the rest (that are offended) I'm sorry. Please accept my apology :)
  10. For the offended ones : Please comment what you have to say and maybe suggest a type of quiz that you'll enjoy. Thanks

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