How After School Care Are You?

While most people get picked up right after school ends, there is an elite group of rebels that go to the after school care program. But many people don't realize that these people have all have common key traits.

But do you fit this mold? Are you someone who could survive in after care? Take this quiz and find out how after school care you are! And see if you will hop on the bus or power walk to the classroom.

Created by: Nick
  1. When you get home you immediately snack on
  2. Do you do your work right away?
  3. Computer games are
  4. How many inside jokes are you part of?
  5. Finish the sentence. I care
  6. How often do you look at the time!
  7. Random question. Do you like milkshakes?
  8. Choose one
  9. You see a kitten hiding in a corner. What do you do?
  10. Your favorite teacher was

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Quiz topic: How After School Care am I?