Quick self care check-up.

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This is a simple self care check-in. What is self care? The term refers to any intentional actions you take to care for your physical, mental and emotional health. It's an important aspect of everyone's life, but many people struggle with it for a wide array of reasons.

This quiz will serve as a reminder of a few ways to take care of yourself properly that you may have neglected. Advice pertaining to each question will be offered in the "correct answers" section afterward.

Created by: The Coldest Sun
  1. Hi there. I hope you're having a really nice day so far.
  2. Have you remembered to take all of your medications today, if you have any?
  3. Have you remembered to eat today?
  4. Are you drinking enough water?
  5. Have you been getting enough sleep? (skip if neither are applicable and go to the next question) *
  6. *Have you been getting enough sleep? (skip if question 5 covered your response)**
  7. **Have you been getting enough sleep? (last one, I promise.)
  8. Are you currently aware of your surroundings?
  9. Have you showered/brushed your teeth/performed basic hygiene recently?
  10. Have you stretched your legs lately?
  11. Have you gotten out of the house lately?
  12. How is your posture? Are you comfortable?
  13. Are you stressed right now?
  14. Have you self-harmed recently?
  15. Have you had physical contact with other people recently?
  16. Are you feeling particularly angry or hurt right now?
  17. Have you been changing your clothes daily?
  18. Have you made use of any creative outlets lately?
  19. Is someone in your life compromising your health, be it physical or emotional?
  20. Do you feel safe?

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