Hows Is Your Relationship with boys?(only for girls)

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Some people are fine,emos,sportive,dancers and singer,artists well 2day we're gunna find out hows ur relatioshiop with guyz,if your Not really interested,sooo normal, and OBSESSED

Are you good ??? Do you have the power to go out with boyzz????Until now maybe u wont care , but when the score comes out u will be sooo amazed,all the thanks for this quiz,y'all knw

Created by: jimiellekhawand

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. When you'r bored what do you do ...
  2. what is your favorite color ?
  3. what style do you like ?
  4. what kind of house u like to live in ?
  5. what flavor do u like ?
  6. whats ur favorite item ?
  7. where do ya like to live " ?
  8. what sport do you like ?
  9. what is your favorite speech ?
  10. Wanna finish this test ( no affect on ur score

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Quiz topic: Hows Is my Relationship with boys?(only for girls)