how young are you inside

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This quiz is so people know how young they really are if they feel old. So for example; if someone teases you about your age you just say no im then say what you got.

If your also doing this to try to entertain yourself. Go right ahead I don't care what you do. One rule only...……. ENJOY. I made this just because I was bored now im happy I don't know how or y but ya.

Created by: Cc Kat

  1. how young do you want to be?
  2. how old are you really
  3. Guess what.
  4. What is your favorite hobby.
  5. What were you expecting the quiz to be long and boring.
  6. skip
  7. this to
  8. I need 10 this is why its boring
  9. if you said ugh that's how I feel
  10. DONE

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Quiz topic: How young am I inside