young match making made easy

This quiz will determine what relationship will most likely have with your dream partner from ages 6-24. You will see you results at the end. The last question has nothing to do with your score.

If you are younger than 6 years old or older than 24 years old, you are either to young to do this quiz, or already found a match. Using this quiz as a joke will not be tolerated.

Created by: carter

  1. do you like spending a lot of time in close relationships?
  2. how do you consider yourself?
  3. do you prefer older or younger women?
  4. what is your age?
  5. how do you see yourself?
  6. what is your dating preference?
  7. which is your favorite kind of food?
  8. do you have a dirty mind?
  9. what is your school status?
  10. how would you rate this quiz?

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