What Member of BTS is your Valentine's Day Partner

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What member is going to spend Valentine's Day with you? Take this quiz and find out who will be spending time with you this Valentine's Day. The quiz is pretty simple to take. Just answer Truthfully to get your results!

What Lucky member gets to enjoy having chocolates and candy on this special day?To find your partner select just one answer for each question, then read the results!!!

Created by: Lee Eunki
  1. Pick a candy!
  2. Which meal would you love to share with BTS?
  3. What's your social media style?
  4. Which Valentine's Day decorations you you display?
  5. Where do you feel more relaxed?
  6. Whats your favorite Valentine's Day tradition?
  7. What your favorite Rom-Com?
  8. What type of flowers would you like him to bring?
  9. What's your idea of a great Dinner?
  10. What kind of gift would you treasure most?
  11. What type of class would you enjoy taking?
  12. What's your ultimate must-have for Valentine's Day?
  13. What type of movie would you pick?
  14. What's your Valentine's Day plalylist?
  15. Besides BTS of course, whose concert would you love to go and see?
  16. How would you love to spend your Valentine's Day?
  17. In which city would you love to spend Valentine's Day?
  18. Which of these outfits would you most likely rock?
  19. Who is your Ultimate Bias
  20. Who is your Wrecker Bias?

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Quiz topic: What Member of BTS is my Valentine's Day Partner