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  • 58% young. im 16 not 20

    GUARDNERD2020 Nov 10 '18, 9:52am
  • 19% young! I am actually 13. It makes sense though because I am decently mature for my age. Plus I am a writer, I love reading, and hate television or any junk food.

    EmilyTheElephant Oct 11 '18, 10:43am
  • 40% young 20-29 im younger thab that

    KittyKatrinaKat May 9 '18, 6:10am
  • You Are 26% Young!
    You are upper middle aged. Your age range is anywhere from 41-50. You are getting close to old age and you are pretty much matured.

    This I can understand. I am an early teen, but I act much more mature. Great quiz!

    AlyTheCalicoCat Apr 29 '18, 3:39pm
  • It says I am a young adult. What? I'm 14, like for real.

    SonOfApollo Apr 22 '18, 1:14pm