how wolf-like are you?

Have you ever wanted to know if you have a canine side of you? This quiz can tell you. Wolves are extraordinary and beautiful animals. Can you be like the amazing wolf? See the world through the eyes of a canine!

I think you have it in you to take this quiz! come on! i DARE you! the quiz is designed to tell you if your any part canine so take just for the heck of it.

Created by: wolftail7

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  1. To start off, how much do you think you know about wolves? (BE HONEST!)
  2. T he next few questions are going to make you prove your last answer. what is the leader of a group of wolves called?
  3. Now whats a group of wolves called?
  4. What family are wolves from?
  5. The second in command wolf is called what?
  6. You are a lone wolf in a dark forest. a nearby pack has hunted out all the food. What do you do?
  7. you find a caribou carcass in another wolfs territory. its risky to go eat it. what do you do?
  8. You are living in a pack. the rest of the pack leave hunting and you stay to watch the pups. a bear comes while they are gone. you...
  9. in your free time you...
  10. if you were a wolf what color would you be?
  11. do you ever find yourself scratching behind your ear?
  12. do you like it when someone scratches your side or back?
  13. have you ever wanted to howl at the moon?
  14. and lastly, what do you think about this quiz? (does not effect answer)

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Quiz topic: How wolf-like am I?