What wolf rank are you?

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Have you ever wondered what your rank would be in a wolf pack? or what job you would have as a wolf? Or maybe, you're just looking for something fun to do!

If this is you, then this is the perfect quiz for you! Are you an alpha, a beta, a hunter, a scout, pup sitter, a loner or an omega? If you want to find out then take the quiz now!

Created by: Michaela
  1. Do you lead or follow your friends?
  2. Which one describes how others think of you?
  3. Which of these do you do the most?
  4. What super power would you rather have?
  5. How often do you like to be the center of attention?
  6. You see a homeless person in the street, would you..........
  7. Which of these would you rather improve?
  8. What is your build?
  9. Did you enjoy this quiz?
  10. Will you use this site again?

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Quiz topic: What wolf rank am I?