What is your rank as a Wolf?

This perpose of the quiz is to help you figure what rank you would be if you were in a wolf pack. Wolves are very organized in there ranks. The ranks go from Alpha to Lone Wolf.

Are you ready to find what rank you would be in a WOLF PACK!?!? Are you capable to be an strong, loyal Alpha or a careless, unknown Lone Wolf? In just a couple of minutes you'll find that out!! Be ready to find out where you belong!!

Created by: Kennedy & Emma
  1. What do you do in times of trouble?
  2. Who would take the first bite
  3. How many friends do you have?
  4. How much would you fight?
  5. How stern is your glare?
  6. How high do you put your tail?
  7. How do you approach?
  8. How loud is your howl?
  9. How loyal are you to your pack?
  10. Where are you located in a hunting party?

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Quiz topic: What is my rank as a Wolf?