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  • I'm 78% Wisconsin, yet I'm born and raised in Wisconsin. I don't have more miles on the snowblower because it doesn't snow all year and we have shovels too, for when there isn't a lot of snow. Coast to coast is from west coast to the eastern coast. And a bubbler? Who came up with that, I've never heard someone call a water fountain a bubbler. And church? No one wears a certain color, it's typically whatever looks nice. And frost-bitten and sunburned? What do you think our seasons are like? That one day it'll be 80 degrees then -5 degrees? An Illinois accent? It's not that different. This quiz isn't correct. :(

  • I'm 74% Wisconsin...
    I was born and raised in Wisconsin.

    I know why though, I don't have a snowblower so we shovel, I travel a lot, and down south in not Chicago to me because some of my family lives in Oklahoma and Georgia that's down south.

  • You are 54% Wisconsin!

    Well, you didn't get quite the score I would have liked you to get... but oh well! Come back later and try again.

    My family took a vacation to Wisconsin, so that's basically how I know what I know for this quiz. I'm a true MiMichiganian! =] Don't be hatin'...

    Puppy xo1
  • I lovee wisconson, you have no idea. I have a accent and all. GO PACKERS!!!

  • pure ohioan and a 78%
    Buckeyes all the way


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