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  • 66%? Wow. Didn't see THAT coming. Would you think, a girl from Long Island who lives in a small house that only gets the cool clothes from school can end up that great? I mean I do have artistic ablity and can listen to a song and figure it out but... GET REAL. You're right about how my life will probally end up but not the career.

  • Your Life Will End Up 70%*

    You'll have 8 kids (4 girls and 4 boys) and you'll live in a mansion with a butler, maid, limo, horses, dogs, and cats. Your husband and you are having problems but your trying to work it out and it'll end okay. BTW you'll be FAMOUS!

    uh ok

    Yumi is cool
  • I got 35%, I hate animals though, but the rest seems right. I somewhat expected that. But what kinda question is "How well do you function?" or something like that mean?

  • You'll live in the country with a cute little ranch and a 2 story house with a truck and convertiable with 3 kids (2 girls 1 boy) and a good husband you'll be a doctor with several horses, 2 dogs, and 3 cats.

    interestin g! xD i like..but..change the "husband" a "wife"..and yes..i am a girl.. xD love the quiz!

  • Wrong kind of quiz.

  • My result was...odd. I hate the country, I hate ranches and I hate kids.

    Agar Man
  • this quiz was decent but i have a question: WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS "CAN YOU FUNCTION GOOD?"

    elle bee
  • 8 KIDS!!!!!!! YEAH RIGHT

  • good quizz got like every thing right....just one problem. I WANT MORE THAN THREE KIDS AT LEASE 6!!!!!!! but i can settle with 5 too.... :)

  • 74% Yeah right.


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