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  • Your Result: You will be very immature

    You will be very immature and irresponsible. Just try not to get sucked into the things that are happening now and have happened too much, if there is something wrong or upseting that has happened to you, let it go and be yourself!

    ok i just have to admit i m very immature i like to have not to be snobby sophisticated b----!!!!!

  • Your Result: You will be very professional

    Y our future will lead to a very professional and formal life. You need to loosen up and have some fun in life. But you will still have a very superior and great life (but add more fun to it). I admit it :/

    Genius girl
  • Your Result: You will have a mixture of things happening to you

    In your future, you will have a mixture of things happening tou you, This is a good thing because you balance what you do. This is a very good and unique thing. Many people are unlike you, because you are almost perfect!!! =)

    o.o This quiz spoiled me XD

  • Hateful and Mean? WTF, I'm not that bad. Sure, I insult people and stuff, but I'm anti social and all. I barely talk to people, but I'm not a snooby b1tch, and many people have told me that I'm kind and sweet. Your quiz sucks dick! >:(

    I like music
  • Hateful and mean. Thanks :(

  • chill I like music. ok? its just a quiz. the person who made it doesnt know you, so you have a 50/50 chance of the right answer. i think your quiz was very cool :)


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