How will you die

Hi there,I'm kitty lover you can prably tell by my "name" that I like cats! I made this quiz not to scare anyone but for them to remember there loved ones.

A lot of people are dying to do a deadly virus called coronavirus. School shut down stores stared delivering food became really hard to get and cheaper it was a little like being in a war

Created by: Kittylover
  1. are you afraid of cars
  2. Dot you go out without mask or gloves?
  3. Do people treten to kill you
  4. Do you get bullied
  5. Can you swim
  6. Do you eat a lot
  7. Do you go outside with no jacket on
  8. Did you I joy my quiz no affect on score
  9. Will you commeny
  10. Will you like ....... If you know how😬😁

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Quiz topic: How will I die