What kind of Warrior Cat would you be?

You never know who your character might actually be! You could be a dangerous, evil kitty inside, or a kind loving cat! Try this quiz to find out what your warrior cat would be!

There is not one right or wrong answer. It all depends on how you answer it. I just made this quiz in spare time, hope you enjoy it a lot! Don't be afraid!

Created by: Danny

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  1. You notice that your mentor seems bothered these days and doesn't talk much. You:
  2. You forgot to go with the morning patrol and not many cats remembered that you did. You:
  3. One cat goes over to you and tells you that he got a thorn in his paw and that it HUUUURTS. You:
  4. Your leader, three kits, mate and siblings and are all in trouble. Who do you save first?
  5. You notice an unknown cat lying by the side of the road. He/she isn't in your clan, but what do you do?
  6. You are sleeping in your nest when some angry looking badgers invade. What do you HONESTLY do?
  7. You and this other cat are competing to be leader. The other cat is chosen. You
  8. Your mate his several kits. There are five of them. Two white ones, two spotted black and white, and one little white guy with back stripes. What would you name them?
  9. You are the new leader of your clan! What clan would it be?
  10. At the end of your nine lives, you have to choose some cat to be the leader. Who would it be?

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