witch warrior cat are you

In this quiz you will find out what warrior cat you are. Like your clan,warrior name,rank,kits,mate and more. this will be an great quiz for you if you have ever wonder what your warrior cat name is.

In this quiz you could be mistycreek, oaktail, freshbreeze, runningwater, or orangeleaves. these are all made up warriors of mine that are new and not in the books.

Created by: rain drops1198
  1. whats your favourite colour
  2. witch of these describes you the most
  3. what do you think about kits
  4. ROLE PLAY TIME/ you are on an border patrol and your patrol spots some young appretinces from windclan on thunderclan territory what do you do
  5. an cat you have love since you where an kit finely asks you to be their mate what do you do
  6. what would you do if you found an loner and they asked to join your clan
  7. ok role play is over now simple question are you an tom or she cat
  8. what is your favourite kind of fresh kill
  9. witch territory would you live in
  10. witch clan would you be in

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Quiz topic: Witch warrior cat am I