Which Warrior cat are you?

Warrior cats all have different personalities, who are you most like? Wanna try and see? Are you wise and a good leader, or bouncy happy and generally excitable?

The choices we have for what warrior cat are you are: Bramblestar, a born leader. Squirrelflight, a bouncy young happy warrior. Daisy, a nursery queen. Brightheart a passionate young she cat or Berrynose a nosy protective tom.

Created by: Baconess The Fluffy

  1. How old are you?
  2. What gender are you?
  3. What color is your fur?
  4. There's a battle. You're badly injured, your apprentice isn't moving, your mate is protecting the nursery, and your leader, the elders. Who do you choose?
  5. Your Half-Brother is killing your Leader on his/her last life! He wants you to take his place, because you're the deputy! Who do you choose?
  6. Your kits are trying to kill each other and slash out at anyone nearby. this started because one of them said the others were so mouse-brained they couldn't find their heads. What do you do?
  7. An unnecessary battle with a rival clan is about to start. There is much you can try to stop the battle. What do you try?
  8. You find a den of baby foxes next to camp, the mother has been killed. What do you do?
  9. You find a strange, delicious looking bright red berry. Who do you tell about them?
  10. The Deputy is your mate, he decides to kill a warrior, who happens to be your friend, they have kits in the nursery. Who do you side with?

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