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  • Show no mercy on my no matter how much I beg and plead NO MERCY I want tickled everywhere for hours until I pass out when I wake up tickle me again and again and AGAIN PLEASE I AM BEGGING FOR IT. Make me regret begging you. Torment me tickle me when I beg for mercy just say "what what did you say stop laughing and talk to me" while tickling me with no mercy. Take pleasure in my laughing don't feel bad for me love it. Get my neck, my feet, my tummy, and everything. I want to gasp and gasp and gasp GASP I want to laugh and cry and pass out stop and take a break from tickling until I wake up when I come to my senses DO IT AGAIN ATTACK ME WITH NO MERCY. When you are finally done I better be out of breath I better be passing out I better be gasping for air then hold onto me and snuggle me to sleep. Then when I am back to me strength let me do it to you. You better be gasping for air I want to see laughter and tears I want to make you pass out from the tickling and I will show you no mercy. I will love the more you laugh. You better be done after it is over. Being tickled by the right person is the best forum of torment there is. I can't stand it it honestly feels kind of good but when I can't take any more and someone stops I find myself wanting more. Don't give me a break don't show mercy because when it is your turn I will show none on you

  • I sure do wish I had a girl like Erin. I would love to tickled by her. I also would love for her to blow on my belly too. I love that!!! I hope quizzes and other activities like this will help me or have me with a girl like Erin and be tickled by her.

  • I'm trying to get the "asking for it" result and the "revenge result" (I think that's what they're called xD) but I don't know how to

  • Omg I am so ticklish so this was very hard to read!!!

    • I LOVE BEING TICKLED , I just wish that someone would always come up to me tie me up take off my shoes and they just ticket me nonstop, I think I like hands best, but better NAILS, I'm super ticklish, I wish I got tickled a lot

    • I hate being tickled I wish I wasn't ticklish

    • Honestly, I haven't been tickled in a year or two. Only my family has done it but I don't like it when they do it cause they do it too hard and too long. But I have always had a secret longing to be pinned down and tickled by a boyfriend or something. Hehe.

  • Oh god! I got upper body attack. Im dead.


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