how will did you know got7 ?

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I write this quiz because got7 the reason that make me fell in love with k-pop , and make happy and laugh all the time every time I am In bad mood I watch got7 to make my day.

I hope you can do all the questions, and I like to tell you if you didn't do will in this time you will do great at the second time, good luck , fighting

Created by: IGOT7 forever

  1. When did got7 debut?
  2. Who was born in 1994 ?
  3. Which member hates eating cucumbers?
  4. Who is part of JJproject ?
  5. Which member is from america ?
  6. Who is the youngest ?
  7. Who is the oldest?
  8. What is got7 debut song ?
  9. who is the leader?
  10. Which two members acted in the drama “dream high 2"?
  11. what is got7 last Korean album?
  12. who was born in 1997?
  13. what is got7 first album?
  14. what was the drama that all the members Participated on?
  15. who is the three foreigners members?
  16. who is the two members that have blood type "O" ?
  17. who is from hongkong ?
  18. what song is this : Sweet talk to me babe It’s magical Sweet ........
  19. which entertainment is got7 at?
  20. who is the dap king?
  21. who is part of got7 sub-unit Jus2 ?
  22. who is JUS2 leader ?

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