How well do you really know Red Band Society

Red Band Society is about these kids who have cancer,eating disorder, lung problems,heart problems,and comas.the new guy is Jordi,Coma boy is Charlie.

The Reble is Leo,the player is Dash,the mean girl is Kara, the girl next floor is Emma,the hot doc is Dr.McAndrew,the loving nurse is Nurse Jackson.

Created by: Jenny Zeruth
  1. Who plays Jordi
  2. Who is the mean one
  3. Which 2 has Cancer
  4. Which 2 has to have a transplant
  5. Who dates Emma
  6. Who likes Emma(more than friends)
  7. Who took the first hit in the presentation
  8. Who took the first hit in the presentation
  9. Who's mom left them
  10. Who has an eating disorder

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Quiz topic: How well do I really know Red Band Society