How Well Do You Know Zoella Quiz

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There are many smart geniuses that think they know everything about everything, are you one of them amazing individuals? If you think so why not take this test.

Are you a Zoella follower? Do you have what it takes to pass this test? Well in just 10 questions you will find out, so let's go.

Created by: alisha
  1. What are Zoella's pets' names?
  2. Who is Zoella's boyfriend?
  3. What is Zoella' book title?
  4. When was the last age she got properly drunk?
  5. What are Zoella's 3 favourite American foods?
  6. What was Zoella an extra in?
  7. When did Zoella go to China?
  8. Who is Zoella's `chummy`?
  9. When does Zoella get grumpy?
  10. What is Zoella's last name?

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