How well do you know zixx level three?

Zixx level three is a pretty good show, but if you miss an episode, it could get confusion. See how much you you about zixx level three. You might get a higher mark than you thought.

Do you know zixx level three well? With all the details and surprises? Well, in a few minuits you will see how much you know about this amazing T.V show!

Created by: Gwen

  1. Which of these characters joined the group in level three?
  2. Who has a jet-pack?
  3. Who is the most protective of Meghan?
  4. Who, in one episode, ran into the mall in his/her pj's
  5. Which two members went into the scavenger hunt?
  6. Did Dwayne save Zixx, Riley,and Tharpex when they were trapped in a van?
  7. Who learned about what the yellow gemstone does?
  8. How many gemstones are there?
  9. Who looks like a lizard inside the keep?
  10. Who went into the keep instead of following Amy to make sure she wasn't a spy, like he/she was supposed to?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know zixx level three?