How Well Do You Know Your Westerns?

Some people might say that westerns are a thing of the past, but we know differently! If you haven't heard of some of the less common ones in this quiz, check them out!

With westerns following marshals, families or large groups of people, each had it's own unique cast and plot. See if you cannot conquer this quiz and get 100%! Good Luck!

Created by: Katelyn

  1. Which western has a man with "his ranch, his gun and his son"?
  2. In this series, there was a widower and his three grown sons?
  3. Which western followed the life of a widow, her two sons, one daughter and her husband's son?
  4. This western, starring Chuck Connors, was set in post-Civil War time?
  5. A marshal, saloon owner, Doctor and deputy were the focus of this show?
  6. Which western focused on the life of Johnny Yuma?
  7. Which western portrayed what it was like going east by covered wagon?
  8. This series was a spin-off from 'The Virginian'?
  9. In a time when Westerns were being replaced by sci-fic shows, this western was developed?
  10. When this series ended after 9 seasons, the only two characters who were there for the entire run were the foreman and top hand?
  11. Which western followed the journey of a man and his grandson in search of the missing generation?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know my Westerns?