How well do you know your rock music?

Rock music is the most creative, intelligent and informative music in the world,some of the most innovative artish are included in this quiz, see if you know your stuff and show us your rock intelligence.....

most of these questions are general so if you dont get a good score, its time to run to the record shope, and involve your mind and spirit with god like music...

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  1. Mick jones was in which english rock band?
  2. what song do these lyrics come from? "they found you on the bathroom floor"
  3. who is the drummer in australian rock band silverchair?
  4. david bowie was the producer of which 70's icons album?
  5. simon neil is the frontman of which band
  6. HIM are from which country
  7. which actor features in the music video for the foo fighter song low?
  8. in which year did nirvana headline the reading and leeds festival?
  9. what is placebos 3rd studio album?
  10. which of these song does not belong to the british band muse?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my rock music?