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  • All the symbols were wrong. Aphrodite's is a dove, Hades' is the helm of darkness, Hera's is a peacock, Hephaestus' is a flamming hammer, and Hesta's is hearth. Sorry to say this but if your gonna keep on making these then make sure you know what your talking about....sorry.

  • 20%...? I guess i best hit the books. And u so afraid of mean comments and bad ratings or what? Anyway, its an ok quiz, whats there to be mean about? Make the egyptian myth, im gud at that, i bet im better than u on egyptian myth, lol...

  • So wrong I got 15% I agree with live laugh

  • i dont mean to be mean but none of the symbols are right

    h ades-helm of darkness
    demeter-g rain

    hep haestus(how ever you say it)-flaming hammer

    live laugh quiz

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