How well do you know Warriors shippings?

There are many Warriors fans, but only some can be true shippers(okay, I really did make that up just now)! Test your wits to see how well you know Warrior shippings.

Are you are Warrior shipper? Take this quiz to find out- it may be really hard, but try seeing how much of a fan that you are? You can try to find out!

Created by: Mistybird

  1. What is Echoshipping?
  2. What is Shattershipping?
  3. What is Follyshipping(weird names..)?
  4. What is Shivershipping?
  5. What is Timeshipping?
  6. What is Sorbetshipping?
  7. What is Platonicshipping?
  8. What is Autunmshipping?
  9. What is Moorshipping?
  10. What is Frostshipping?
  11. What is Bunnyshipping?
  12. What is Beautyshipping?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Warriors shippings?