How well Do You Know Warriors, Into the Wild?

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This quiz is to test your knowledge of the book Into the Wild, by Erin Hunter. Erin Hunter is my favorite author. If you haven't read the book yet, Try it. it is a great book series.

How well do you know the best series ever, Warriors? This quiz is on the first book of the original series, Into the Wild. This is my first quiz so hope you like it!! ;)

Created by: Mistytail

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  1. What is Firepaw's kittypet name?
  2. Who died at the beginning of the book?
  3. Who is Firepaw's best friend?
  4. Which clan does Firepaw join?
  5. What does Firepaw look like?
  6. What was Firepaw formerly of?
  7. What is the Thunderpath?
  8. Who is Firepaw's true mentor?
  9. Where do the medicine cats go every full moon to speak with Starclan?
  10. How did Spottedleaf die?
  11. What is Firepaw's warrior name?

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Quiz topic: How well do I Know Warriors, Into the Wild?