How Well do You Know Voltron?

Voltron: An action packed show with mysteries, romance, and of course, space fighting! I fell in love with the characters, not the whole space mumbo jumbo. I love to look for things about them that most people don't notice. Like the color of Pidge's shoes. Or Shiro's nickname.How well do you know these paladins?

Shiro, Keith, Pidge, Lance, Hunk, Koran, and Allura. Amazing characters. All of them have a backstory, some of them haven't been reveled yet. Each of them have a style and an appearance. All of them have a job to do. How well do you know these Voltron characters?

Created by: YAM🍠
  1. Which paladin is secretly a girl?
  2. What did the prisoners call Shiro?
  3. How old is the castle?
  4. What was wrong with the castle's pool?
  5. Who is the yellow paladin?
  6. What is Pidge's REAL name?
  7. Voltron is made up of...
  8. Pidge named her pet robot....
  9. Keith is the...
  10. *Hard Question* What color is Pidge's shoes?
  11. *Bonus* Which paladin is my favorite?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Voltron?