How Well Do You Know Vines? (The Ultimate Vine Test)

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Hello, I am the Vine queen! You will be put to the test to see how well you know your vines. If you score high enough, you might even be able to share my place as vine queen!

How well do you know vines? Find out by taking my ultimate vine test! Hopefully you pass, because if not, you will be sentenced to a 10 min vine compilation. (Not a bad punishment if you ask me.)

Created by: HateOnMe

  1. If you got a big green avocado on Christmas morning, how would you react?
  2. If you didn't wanna be racist or anything, what would you say about Asian people?
  4. If your name was Kevin, and you were told to watch the light, what would you do?
  5. If you were Kermit the Muppet, what would you sing?
  6. Even if you looked like ____, You'd still love yourself.
  7. Bring the beat in!
  8. "There is only one thing worse than a rapist-"
  9. Hurricane Katrina?
  10. And they were _____!!!
  11. I'm about to say it!
  12. Road work ahead?
  13. Well, its about time!
  15. Why does jonny have so much dish soap?
  16. Where's the b?
  17. Daddy?
  18. What do you say when someone offers you an umbrella?
  19. I fell asleep waitin' for you to...
  20. Go back to ____, and ____!
  21. Get to del taco!
  22. Why would you hit rock bottom?
  23. Mother____, dude! That hurt like a ____ on a stick!
  24. If ur name is ____, and you're really ____, c'mon, ____
  25. Hi, welcome to...

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