How well do you know Vanessa Hudgens?

How well do you know your Vanessa Hudgens quiz? Some REALLY know her. Some kind of know her. And some don't really know her. I mean just because the quiz says you know her, that doesn't mean you know every detail of her! So it's ok if you do not ace it! It's just a silly quiz!

So here is the score key. 0% to 59% is an F. 60% to 69% is a D. 70% to 79% is a C. 80% to 89% is a B. A 90% to a 99% is an A. And 100% is A+! Put your celeb fun facts to the test.

Created by: Jessica

  1. When is Vanessa's B-day?
  2. Who is Vanessa Hudgens dating?
  3. What is her dog's name?
  4. In which movie does Vanessa star in?
  5. Which newest movie does Vanessa star in? (be careful!)
  6. Who is Vanessa's character in High School Musical?
  7. Where is Vanessa's hometown state?
  8. What city is she from?
  9. Is she friends with Ashley Tisdale?
  10. What are the names of her alblums?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Vanessa Hudgens?