Which Diva Are U?

There are different divas all over the world, but there are three as we know : Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, and Miley Cyrus. You need to take THIS quiz to see which one you are so you will know the real diva in you!

Which diva are U??? Are you Ashley, Vanessa, or Miley? Take this quiz to find out! You may have been wondering for a whle, but now is your chance to find the diva in you!!

Created by: Asyia

  1. Who's ur dream boy?
  2. What's ur type of music?
  3. U r....
  4. Ur fantasy vacation:
  5. When it comes to advice u
  6. Ur favorite food is:
  7. Best color!
  8. Who do u think ur most like?
  9. Favorite Shrek character
  10. Favorite Pirates of the Carribean character

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