How well do you know vampire diaries?

Do you REALLY know the vampire diaries? Let's see! Dive into this quiz and it will tell you how well you pay attention and if you are a TRUE EXPERT!

How well do you know Damon's personallity?! Elena's? Stefans?! Caroline's?! Matt 's? And more! What is the hunters curse!? The other side?See if you REALLY know!

Created by: Sara

  1. What color hair does 1.elena 2. Stephan 3.caroline 4. Damon 5.tyler have!
  2. Which list is all vampires (or becomes vampires). Not humans, hybrids, or witches.
  3. Is Elena Sired to Damon when she turns her humanity off?
  4. Who does Klaus secretly love?
  5. Does cole care for anyone?
  6. Does Damon care for anyone other than Elena dead or alive ?
  7. How did Damon and Stephan get Elena to turn her humanity back on?
  8. Who does Damon consider his drinking buddy?
  9. Who does Damon consider his drinking buddy?
  10. What is "the other side."
  11. What does the vampire hunters tattoo lead to?
  12. What is the hunters curse!?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know vampire diaries?