How well do you know Valerie Poxleitner

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There aren't many people that know about this girl, but she rocks, like seriously, she is my idol! I love her music, her sound, everything, I'm so a crazed fan!

Do you think you're the worst fan, average fan or rockin fan? It's up to you to find out cause I'm no psychic but I love this person, and I hope you will too...

Created by: Morgz
  1. Where was she born?
  2. How old is she in 2010
  3. What's her band's name?
  4. What type of music does she write?
  5. What flavor ice cream does she like?
  6. Who does she like more?
  7. What does she play?
  8. What color hair does she have?
  9. What color eyes does she have?
  10. Does she video chat with her fans?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Valerie Poxleitner