How Well Do You Know Us?

Quiz yourself on how well you know the soon-to-be-wed couple! Hopefully this quiz will give you a fun way to learn about each person and prove to everyone else how well you know them.

Ever wondered what Andrea really does at her job or how many hours of video games Tim really plays? Now you can take the quiz to find out! Just answer some fun questions about the two and learn more than you ever wanted to know.

Created by: Andrea

  1. What game did Andrea humiliate Tim in when they met?
  2. Where did Andrea live when the couple started dating?
  3. Where did the couple go on their first date?
  4. What holiday does their dating anniversary fall on?
  5. Who said "I love you" first.
  6. Tim is most likely to be engaged in which activity?
  7. Which activity does the couple NOT enjoy?
  8. Which place have Tim and Andrea NOT travelled together to?
  9. Combined, how many siblings do Tim and Andrea have?
  10. Which of the following has Tim never done or had happen?
  11. Which of the following has Andrea never done or have happen?
  12. What major did Tim earn his degree in?
  13. What major did Andrea earn her degree in?
  14. So really, what DOES Andrea do at her job?
  15. What pet did Tim NOT have while growing up?
  16. Which pet did Andrea NOT have while growing up?
  17. Andrea is most likely to be engaged in which activity?
  18. About how many venues did the couple visit before they chose their wedding site?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Us?