How well do you know Twilight saga. Breaking Dawn?

Hello there, just to get you interested in my quiz it's about the Twilight saga. Breaking Dawn part 1. If you are a super Twilight lover this is the quiz for you. Have a go!

There are some things in here that you might not even know or you did know but you just forgot. If you have never seen Twilight this might just get you interested!

Created by: Brooke

  1. Which two names are mentioned on the front of the invite to Bella and Edward's wedding? (Full names please!)
  2. On the day of Bella's wedding her mother Renee and her father Charlie give her a present, what was it?
  3. Bella has trouble walking in high heel shoes, what does she suggests she could go in?
  4. Edward says he has Bella a late birthday present, what is it?
  5. Edward is taking Bella on the way to her honey-moon but they stop for a quick break, in what country do they stop?
  6. Where do Bella and Edward have their honey-moon?
  7. In Breaking Dawn, Bella turns into a vampire. Who turns her and why do they do it?
  8. What are the names for the baby, if it's a boy or a girl?
  9. Does Bella become a vampire and live or stay human and die?
  10. Who take care of the baby when Edward is trying to save Bella's life?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Twilight saga. Breaking Dawn?