how well do you know twilight :)

Twilight is a very popular movie and is also no.1 best selling books. I, personaly, think that it is really good because it is a mixture of romance comedy and horror and bit of everything.

Do YOU think you know everything there is to know about twilight?! well wondering time is over take this quiz and you will soon find out. But do remember this important detail if you cheat then you definantly know nothing!

Created by: bgm

  1. Where does bella move to???
  2. Who is the first person bella talks to in her new school???
  3. at lunch, who is the first pair of the Cullen family to walk through the door???
  4. what is the cullens secret???
  5. who is the second person bella talks to in forks???
  6. who does bella fall in love with???
  7. where does bella tell edward she know he's a vaampire???
  8. which vampire tries to kill Bella???
  9. how do you become a vampire???
  10. what does bella do that Emmet finds funny???

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Quiz topic: How well do I know twilight :)