How Well Do You Know Twilight???

Everybody thinks they know Twilight, i made this quiz testing your knowlegde i hope you can pass so far people have been failing on purpose, please try it, its fun

Are you a fan? are you team nothing? do youove twilight? do you hate it? please try its fun if you believe you are a fan this will put yu noodle to the test!!!

Created by: Shanelle Emerson

  1. In Twilight edward asks bella what her favorite stone is what was her recent stone before edwards eye color?
  2. In Twilight what talents do Edward, alice Victoria and james posses
  3. How old is edward?
  4. In New Moon wat was edwards reason for leaving?
  5. In New moon what kind of car does alice steal?
  6. Are You team Edward Or Team Jacob?
  7. In New Moon bella and jacob and mike go see a movie, in the movie new moon what is it called?
  8. In Eclipse a vampire army is being formmed how many people are missing?
  9. In Eclipse what does jacob tell bella?
  10. In Breaking Daw what is the indian girl on esme island name?
  11. Jacob leaves sam pack, Who else leaves?
  12. What is Aros wifes name?
  13. Alice and Jasper leave, who do they bring back?
  14. ella and edward have a daughter, how long until she'll be fully mature?
  15. Do you think this quiz is fun or stupid?
  16. What is bellas last line in BD?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Twilight???