how well do you know Twilight ?

a lot of people think they are twilight number one fans, but are they really ? with this quiz, you'll really find out if you are ! :) [[ps. just remember , this is only a quiz ! if you think ur rly twilights number one fan , dont let this get to you !]] lol :)

how well do you think you know twilight ? do you think ur twilights number one fan ? are you team Edward or Jacob? how well do you know bella? edward? importnant questions ! lets find outt !! :)

Created by: emma

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  1. at the begining of the movie, what does bella say ?
  2. and so the _____ fell in love with the _____.
  3. Edward leaves Bella a note in her car-what does it say ?
  4. true or false: Jacob is friends with Edward.
  5. what does Edward make for bella ?
  6. the fruit that bella drops at lunch is a-
  7. What is bella's father's job ?
  8. what part of bella's body does she break ?
  9. what sport does Edward and his family play ?
  10. last but not least: are you team edward or jacob ? [[this has NO effect on the score]]

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Twilight ?