which twilight girl are you?

do you sometimes wonder what twilight girl you are or like. twilight is a great movie and the twilight saga is a great books consisting of twilight,new moon, eclipse,breaking dawn

are you a bella or mabee your a rosile no cant figure it out take the quiz.this quiz you will anwer lots of different questions and find out alot of new things i give some good tttwilight luck

Created by: hannah
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. would you describe yourself as the type of person that runs groups and hates to stay back and watch?
  2. do you like to know whats going on all the time with everyone around you?
  3. are you determined to get to something no matter what?
  4. wat type of guys/girls do you like
  5. do you like mushroom ravioli?
  6. do you dress casualy
  7. witch would you rather be
  8. do you like this quiz
  9. do you like twilight
  10. wats you fav colour hair out of

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Quiz topic: Which twilight girl am I?