How well do you know the US Constitution?

Welcome to the Constitution Quiz! This quiz, unlike others, is not focused on dates or meaningless facts that were often forced on everyone to remember while growing up, but deals directly with the meaning and intent that everyone should know. Nor is it heavily based on the Bill of Rights (and that is simply because most Americans have a general understanding of them, certainly not as well as they should, but it is talked about enough that most know the basics). The area of the Constitution this quiz examines focuses on the three branches of government (particularly the legislative and executive relating to foreign affairs) and is focused exclusively on current event related issues that we are currently facing in the USA.

The most important document in US history historically and currently still is the US Constitution. It sets out our Republic with three checked and balanced branches, enumerated powers, and of course, our Constitutional rights. Most people claim to have an advanced knowledge of the US Constitution, even though the majority do not even have the basics. So where do you stand? Do you know the Constitution or are you a pretender falsely claiming to possess knowledge you do not have? For the sake of the Republic, find out now!

Created by: Ryo Ohki
  1. Who can legally take the United States into war (or military actions less than war)? Who decides whether we go to war or not?
  2. Which of the following is true with regards to the following phrase: commander-in-chief?
  3. As far as the Constitution is concerned, the President may use his right to claim executive privilege when?
  4. True or false: A branch may legally abdicate one of their enumerated powers to another branch if they so choose.
  5. The Constitution lists 3 categories of impeachment: treason, bribery, and high crimes and misdemeanors. What is an example of high crimes and misdemeanors?
  6. As far as impeachment is concerned, how does it work? Who has the authority to do what?
  7. The Supreme Law of the land shall consist of what?
  8. Say the Congress passes statute X and it becomes law, however sometime later the President decides to ignore or disobey it. When is this acceptable?
  9. Habeas Corpus, the constitutional means of preventing arbitrary imprisonments, can be suspended legally by which branch?
  10. True or false: The Framers of the Constitution intended that the courts would play NO role in national security matters or foreign affairs

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the US Constitution?