How well do you know the ULTRAKILL lore

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This quiz will answer your question of how well you know the ULTRAKILL lore. Will you pass or will you fail? *Insert more stuff here to pass the threshold*

That's all I have to say, good luck *Why do they make it so that you have to have a more than 150 characters in order to publish?????????????????????*

Created by: Airdart
  1. When does ULTRAKILL take place?
  2. The war in ULTRAKILL is called...
  3. The mannequins were inspired by...
  4. What were streetcleaners originally made for?
  5. True or False? V3 was created during the New Peace when robots were eradicating humanity to protect humans
  6. What did King Minos do to be killed by Gabriel?
  7. The Guttertank was created by...
  8. Size 2 fish is real
  9. V1 was created to counter the Earthmover
  10. The signs you can see on the Earthmover are in...

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the ULTRAKILL lore