How Well Do You Know The Naked Brothers Band!

there are many people who watch the nbb,but only few understand and remember it.what is a nbb fan,someone who watches it every chance someone who has the cd and listens to it everday.So by taking this quiz you are seing how much knowledge you have toward the nbb.

Are you a nbb fan do you know it as well as you think you do!well in a few minutes we will see how well you desire and know the naked brothers band i have thought hard about this quiz and if you know your stuff you will definitely score high!

Created by: alyssa brooke

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  1. who does nat have a crush on?
  2. what is alex's favorite beverage?
  3. how old is alex wolff?
  4. what song has these lyrics: happiness in studio city?
  5. whats the name of the episode where everyone starts copying alex?
  6. who does alex have a crush on?
  7. how old is nat wolff?
  8. on the movie battle of the bands what was bobby loves real name?
  9. what was the 2008 name of the naked brothers band movie?
  10. in the episode the song who doe nat and alex miss?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Naked Brothers Band!