How Well Do You Know The Movie 'DinoTopia'?

*PLEASE READ! PLEASE READ!* Have you ever wondered about a little island in the ocean that split apart from Asia millions of years ago? Well, if you know anything about this uncharted island called DinoTopia, you have come to the right place.

*PLEASE REALLY DO READ ALSO!* Get a sheet of paper, and number it one through 1-5. Now, count the amount of ones you got right and add that percent to you percent you have. Here are the questions: 1. Does a T-Rex eat anyone in the movie? 2. What is another name Le Sage calls hat thing she hates? 3. When Karl gets sick, why does he get sick? 4. Is the trading post a place in DinoTopia? 5. Is BlackHaven a place in DinoTopia? At the bottom of the page at the end of the quiz, there your answers will be. Remember, these are extra cedit. Breath deep, seek peace!

Created by: amazon

  1. How many people arrive on the island at the start of the movie?
  2. Who were they?
  3. What are the teenager`s names?
  4. Is their mom and dad with them?
  5. Who is their 'friend' who is with outsiders?
  6. [I have to reveal this, do not change your answers!] What does David have that Karl is jealous about?
  7. What is special about DinoTopia?
  8. How come no one can and never has made it off DinoTopia?
  9. What is the father`s name?
  10. To Frank ,Karl, and David, T-Rexs are:
  11. 4 other main people are in this movie. Who are three of them?
  12. Le Sage and her outsiders like to:
  13. Le Sage hates:
  14. In "Contact", Karl talks over a radio signal with a teenager girl called:
  15. The main dinosaurs`s name is:
  16. Who becomes really sick?
  17. How does David get off the island?
  18. When the Scott family [Frank,Karl and David] are going to get off the island with the portal`s help, did they get off?

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