how well do you know the lord of the rings?

If you have found your way here, then you enjoy to watch the lord of the rings series and are ready to test your knowledge. Here you can see how much you really know about lord of the rings.

How much do you really know about lord of the rings? What do you know about the making of the movie? Have you ever wondered how knowledgeable you are? Well now you can finally find out. Time to test yourself. Are you a genius,master or failure? Lets find out

Created by: Clo

  1. What is legolas
  2. When does Thorin appear?
  3. Who does Orlando Bloom play?
  4. What does the ring of power say?
  5. How many rings were given to men?
  6. How many rings were given to the dwarves"
  7. How many rings are given to the elves?
  8. What is the white city also known as?
  9. When is the only time the white tree will flower?
  10. What is lord Elrond's daughter called?
  11. What is Galadriel's gift to gimli?
  12. What control's saruman?
  13. What is Aragorn known as in the wild?
  14. Where does Galadriel live?
  15. What are the shards of iseldur's sword known as

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the lord of the rings?