How Well do You Know the Legend of Zelda

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if you think you have the wisdom of the triforce, then try this test. it will truly test your skills as an official zelda know-it-all mabey you'll be the next big gamer of the series.

you can find out whether your a zelda know-it-all or a zelda no-at-all. this test will truly tests your LOZ knowledge. hopefully your a big nintendo fan.

Created by: zach

  1. what could you do in the first zelda game?
  2. what is the master sword also known as?
  3. what is the most famous zelda game (by vote)
  4. what are the elements of the triforce?
  5. what are the three traditional types of magic arrows in zelda?
  6. who is the main villian in the zelda series?
  7. what does a fairy do if you have one when you die?
  8. what do you get after beating a boss?
  9. traditionaly how many heart containers can you get.
  10. in most zelda games how many pieces of heart do you need for a heart container?
  11. who is sheik?
  12. what color is links outfit?
  13. which character is epona?
  14. what hyrulian race is link?
  15. what is the strongest sheild in the zelda series?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know the Legend of Zelda