How well do you know the Left 4 Dead Series?

Take this quiz to find out if you know about L4D. If you score badly go play! It's a good game, if you score good, good for you, Jack! No, Jack is not a character in L4D.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any accidents, injuries, death, disease, or otherwise harmful or life-threatening conditions and/or state of mind, and/or physical being.

Created by: Calum

  1. What are the names of the survivors of Left 4 Dead (1)?
  2. Who hates everything?
  3. Smokers explode and cover survivors in bile when they die. True or false?
  4. A bottle of Boomer Bile will divert Common Infected away from a survivor covered in bile. True or false?
  5. What Tier 2weapons do the survivor bots use? (Left 4 Dead 1)
  6. You can slip in Spitter goo. True or false?
  7. Jockeys will charge at you, grab you, and smash you to the ground. True or false?
  8. How much health do Chargers have in Versus Mode?
  9. There is 1 fat character in the L4D series, who is it?
  10. In L4D2, when you shove a Clown Uncommon Infected 10 times you get an achievement. Which achievement?
  11. In L4D2, when you scratch a survivor as a Charger you deal decent damage. How much damage do you deal in a single claw swipe?
  12. Tanks are easily killed when;
  13. Francis catches Zoey while she is falling in the L4D1 intro. True or false?
  14. You may operate cars. True or false?
  15. Tanks have 3000 health in Normal mode, and 7000 in Expert. True or false?
  16. Ellis uses sniper rifles. Coach uses ARs, and Zoey uses Chainsaws. True or false?
  17. Who gets pounced by the Hunter in the L4D1 intro?
  18. In the end of the L4D2 intro, Ellis is seen holding a Grenade Launcher, Coach has a Chainsaw, Nick has an axe, and Rochelle has what?
  19. Canonically, Coach uses a Chainsaw, yet the survivor bot Coach will not take one. Why?
  20. There are three Special Weapons in L4D2, they are;

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Left 4 Dead Series?