How well do you know the flash

So do you know who the flash is have you watched th cw show the flash than this quiz is for you this quiz is season 1 to season 3 it contains easy questions and hard questions.

So if you like what you here than get on and play an if you can't get at least 80% than you are not that good because a 5th grader can get 100% so let me take you back to the Beginning if you like what you here do this quiz.

Created by: Layla
  1. In episode 17 season 3 Barry gets wammied by the music myster and one other person who is it?
  2. In the flash who was Barry's first girl friend?
  3. What power did Caitlin have
  4. When Cisco became a super hero what was his super hero name
  5. In one episode Barry and Caitlin go to a bar and perform a song which song was it
  6. In season 3 episode 21 someone atemps to kill iris who is it
  7. When Jesse gets super speed what is her super hero name
  8. Who kills reverse flash
  9. Who is savitar
  10. There is a news paper written by Iris in the future what is the head line

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the flash