How well do you know The Flash

The Flash. A 2014 TV series on the WBNX or the CW. It's a great show. But how much/how well do you really even know (about) the Scarlette Speedster??

Take this and find out. If you haven't seen the show, or if you didn't see the season Finale, then I wouldn't recommend taking this, as there are a few spoilers. If you have seen it, Go for it.

Created by: The Flash

  1. Who plays the Flash?
  2. What caused the Flash to get his powers?
  3. What caused the Flash to get his powers?
  4. Who is FIRESTORM?
  5. What happened to Barry's mother when he was a child
  6. Who got in trouble for what happened to Nora Allen? (Barry's mother)
  7. Who is Barry's love interest?
  8. Who is Harrison Wells?
  9. Who is Harrison Wells really?
  10. Who is Eobard Thawn?
  11. Why is Eobard Thawn pretending to be Harrison Wells
  12. How did Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawn/ The Reverse Flash die?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know The Flash