Are you more like the flash or arrow

The flash is fast and the arrow is good at fighting but they both have great hearts and do the right thing. They both are heroes. Take this quiz to find out what superhero are you almost like.

Are you the arrow Who likes to blend in with the shadows or are you the flash who is in light of day. The flash and arrow are friends and they are saving people.

Created by: Darth Vader
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  1. Are you good at defending yourself?
  2. If someone did something bad to you would you seek revenge?
  3. Do you like to work?
  4. Do you like following rules?
  5. Do you like outside or inside better?
  6. Do you like green or red better?
  7. Do you like working in a team?
  8. Would you rather be in a coma for nine months or on an island for five years.
  9. Would you rather be really good at fighting without superpowers or have superpowers and not be as good at fighting?
  10. Do you like masks or hoods better?

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Quiz topic: Am I more like the flash or arrow